Sweet Tooth Comic Book Ending Explained

Sweet Tooth became an unexpected hit for Vertigo comics when it came out back in 2009. Jeff Lemire’s decade-long run on Sweet Tooth was a major success for Vertigo and the recent Netflix adaptation is yet another proof that the comic book about a strange, yet wonderful little boy is one of the best stories in recent years. Sweet Tooth’s legacy has yet to establish itself due to the fact that the comic ended its run only recently, but its importance is already so pivotal that I have decided to dedicate today’s article to its recent end. 

Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth ends in a reconciliation between the humans and the hybrids in #40. After years of animosity, some of the remaining humans cease their attack and join the hybrids as refugees, living out the rest of their lives in complete and solemn peace. 

In today’s article, I am going to explain what happened at the ending of Sweet Tooth. You’re going to find out the details of the ending and how it can be interpreted in the context of Jeff Lemire’s completely unique story. I have prepared an interesting text for you so keep reading and enjoy!

How does Sweet Tooth end?

Sweet Tooth ends with a four-part narrative arc called “Wild Game” and an epilogue, published in #40. Here, I am going to recount the events of “Wild Game” and the epilogue. 

A the beginning of the arc, Gus sees a vision of Jepperd lying on the floor of the hybrid birthplace. He has a wound in his chest and is bleeding to death. Gus suddenly wakes up in the car with Jepperd and others. They arrive in a small town in Alaska. Gus runs ahead and comes across a group of hybrids. 

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Elsewhere, Bobby is cornered by Douglas Abbot and his Wolf Boys. He threatens Bobby until he tells him where Gus is going. Jepperd defeats Doctor Singh. He is angry that he accused Gus of causing the plague. 

Gus and Jepperd go their separate ways and talk to themselves in the science room. Jepperd admits that he may be upset because he begins to believe that Gus may be responsible for the plague. The two go up when they hear a noise. They find that Bobby has returned and the hybrid bird is strapped around his neck. 

Jepperd makes a plan with everyone. He lets Gus, the women, and the hybrids go to the base for protection. Jimmy and Jepperd will make their last fight against Abbot’s men to protect them. Jepperd calls the bunker to inform them that Abbot and his men are attacking. After blowing up a few vehicles, Jepperd and Jimmy run to a chapel where they take up a sniper position. 

When Becky tries to escape by the side road with the other hybrids, she sees a truck arriving. She radioed Jepperd that they needed help and Jepperd realizes he hadn’t seen Abbot anywhere during the attack. Jimmy tells Jepperd to run away and save the kids. He will stay to stop Abbot’s men. 

Jepperd picks up the phone and Jimmy comes out with blazing weapons to take out several of his attackers. He is finally shot. Jepperd calls Becky to make sure she’s okay and Abbot picks up the phone. He tells Jepperd that he now controls the hybrids and must face them if he wants Gus to stay alive. 

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Jepperd arrives where Abbot holds everyone at gunpoint. Abbot offers him the chance to face himself. In return, he can save Gus or his son Buddy. Jepperd is shocked to learn that his friend is still alive. Suddenly, the hybrid children attack Abbot and his men. 

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Jepperd uses the distraction to save Gus while Abbot escapes with Buddy. Jepperd pursues Abbot in the birthplace of hybrids. When he slips on the ladder, he falls and breaks his leg. Abbot turns his attention to Jepperd and stabs him in the stomach. While distracted, Gus sneaks in and murders Abbot with his own knife. Jepperd dies in Gus’s arms and tells him he’s a good boy. 

Many years later, two hybrid boys are chased by hunters. Gus appears and kills the hunters to save his two sons, Richard and Tommy. He takes his boys back to their mother Wendy and Uncle Bobby. Before eating their food, they pray that their God will continue to protect and guide them. 

He remembers how he and the other survivors fled Alaska to return to the Nebraska State Wilderness Sanctuary. A large community of hybrids has since gathered as humans continue dying from the disease. 

Uncle Bobby walks up to warn him that a large number of people are gathering outside their camp. He thinks they are ready to attack. Gus warns that not everyone will attack. Buddy suddenly appears and agrees with Gus. 

It takes half of the hybrids to fend off the human attacks and annihilate them. Gus hesitates, but later joins the attack until people agree to stop. Instead, they act like refugees and spend their last days in peace. 

This is how Sweet Tooth ended. Of course, there is a lot more to the story than this short summary of its final arc, but this is how Lemire envisioned the story’s ending. If you want to know what happened up to this moment, i.e., in the remaining 35 issues, you’ll just have to find the comic book and check it out. 

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Trust me, if one modern-day comic book is worth reading, then it’s definitely Sweet Tooth, as Lemire did a truly amazing job with the story.

Sweet Tooth ending – explained!

The ending is a sort of reconciliation for all the parties involved. Namely, the human and hybrid fight finally seemed to come to its end when the remaining humans, escaping the virus, ceased their final attach on the hybrids and joined their sanctuary as refugees. They lived out the rest of their lives in peace, thus bringing the seemingly never-ending quarrel to its deserved end.