Can You Use GameCube Controllers On Wii U?

The GameCube may not be as fondly remembered as the PS2, the first Xbox, or any of the consoles that Nintendo released after it, but it still has a special place in the hearts of many gamers because of the amazing games and the great controller that the console has. Specifically, it is actually the controller of the GameCube that gamers still love even today due to its simplicity and straightforward approach. That said, can you use GameCube controllers on newer consoles like the Wii U or even the Switch?

You can use your GameCube controllers on your Wii U by buying an adapter that connects to the USB port on your Wii U and then to any GameCube controllers you wish to add. You can even use GameCube controllers on the Switch or a PC by using this kind of adapter.

Due to how beloved the GameCube controller is, Nintendo has made it a point to make it available across different platforms that are already more than a decade older than the GameCube itself. This is why, if you love playing games in the simplest way possible on your Wii U, you might want to get yourself a GameCube adapter and plug in your GameCube controllers,

Can you use GameCube controllers on your Wii U?

The GameCube is one of the most interesting video game consoles of all time even though it didn’t really perform up to par with the PS2 during the early days of the console wars. Nevertheless, if there was any part of the GameCube that is still memorable among Nintendo fans even up to this day, it’s the controller.

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GameCube controllers are some of the best controllers of all time and are largely one of the favorite controllers among Nintendo fans because of how it has a simple yet very straightforward button layout and how it comes with a light and very comfortable build that adults and children alike will certainly love. In fact, due to the immense popularity of the Smash Brothers game franchise, the Nintendo GameCube controllers have become the go-to controllers of those who have been playing this game for as long as anyone can remember.

That said, even when the Wii U was released, people who have played the GameCube, which is two generations behind the Wii U, still prefer to use its controller precisely because the Wii U’s controllers, as advanced as they are, are not as comfortable or as easy to use as GameCube controllers are in certain games such as Smash Brothers. That said, one would wonder if you could actually use GameCube controllers on your Wii U.

The good news is that, yes, you can use GameCube controllers on your Wii U. Nintendo made it a point to come up with a way for you to be able to officially use GameCube controllers on your Wii U without having to go through certain third-party products just so you could find a workaround. This has allowed more players to play four-player games that make use of GameCube controllers.

How to use GameCube controllers on Wii U?

So, now that you know that you can use GameCube controllers on your Wii U, you might be wondering how you could do that. Simply put, the only way for you to connect your GameCube controllers on your Wii U is by purchasing the GameCube controller adapter that Nintendo officially sells. The same adapter can also be used for the Wii.

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If you have purchased the GameCube controller adapter for your Wii U, the rest will be very basic and just as simple and as straightforward as the GameCube controller is. All you need to do now is to plug the GameCube controller adapter into the right port on your Wii U so that you will be able to get it working. From there, you only need to connect your GameCube controllers into the sockets found on the adapter.

Can you use GameCube controllers on Switch?

Following the Wii U, the Switch became Nintendo’s new flagship home console as it actually is the successor to not only the Wii U but also the 3DS due to how it can double as a home console and as a handheld device. Simply put, it became the amalgamation of all of Nintendo’s previous consoles, which were rolled into one unique console.

As unique as the Nintendo Switch may be, the problem is in relation to its controllers, which are named the Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons are detachable controllers that you can remove from the Switch and use them as individual controllers for certain games that supported the feature or as one controller that you can put inside the Switch’s dedicated controller adapter. 

But while the Joy-Cons, when used together, can be quite good and comfortable, they aren’t the best when it comes to multiplayer games because you would have to only use one Joy-Con, which is too small and too uncomfortable for some people. So, in that regard, there are those who are once again looking to use the GameCube controller on the Switch due to how it is still quite comfortable and easier to use when playing specific multiplayer games. So, can you use GameCube controllers on your Switch?

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Again, the good news here is that the Switch fully supports GameCube controllers. This is great when you are using the Switch in its docked mode as you can play multiplayer games with friends and family using the classic GameCube controllers.

How do you connect a GameCube controller to a switch?

So, similar to the Wii U, the only way for you to connect GameCube controllers to a Switch is by using a GameCube controller adapter, which you can find from Nintendo or from third-party manufacturers.

The one that Nintendo sells is geared towards Smash Brothers players because of how can be used when the Switch is in docked mode. It even comes with four different sockets that will allow you to plug four GameCube controllers. Meanwhile, some third-party brands also sell GameCube controller adapters that can be inserted into the USB-C port of the Switch when it is in handheld mode.

So, to use the GameCube controllers on your Switch, it is once again a plug and play feature that will allow you to plug the adapter into the USB socket in the Switch’s dock. From there, all you need to do is to plug the GameCube controllers into the adapter’s ports.