13 Great Point and Click Games with Female Protagonists

When it comes to gaming, there’s a wild realm of possibilities to suit anyone’s style. Whether you’re into a simulation game or something along the lines of battling, there’s a multitude of games on a number of different consoles to choose from. With endless possibilities, there seems to be a far larger number of games with male protagonists.

So what are the 13 greatest point and click games with female protagonists? There’s a wide range of computer point and click games with awesome female protagonists you’re destined to fall in love with, from Bayonetta to Tomb Raider, Dex to Still Life- and so much more.

If you seek them out, it’s actually easier than you would think to find a point and click game that showcases a female protagonist. In fact, in this day and age, there is a swarm of new computer games coming to our screens that are featuring characters that every woman can relate to and respect.

What is a Point and Click Game?

With so many different gaming consoles it can sometimes be a challenge to know what all of the terms mean. One term you may hear less commonly is known as ‘point and click’.

To put it simply, a point and click game is a video game that is usually going to be played on a computer. That being said, most people will refer to a point and click game as simply a computer game.

The reason this type of gaming is called point and click is that you will literally use the mouse to maneuver around the computer, pointing and clicking to do the motions and moves of your character.

Although a mouse is going to be most commonly used in computer gaming, you can also use one of the following:

  • Touchpad
  • Trackpoint
  • Joystick
  • Scroll button
  • Rollerball

All of these devices will allow a gamer to use a point and click type mechanism while gaming. Some of these inventions, like the joystick, have completely changed the game and allowed for more intense gaming than can be performed with a simple mouse.

While Computer Space and Pong! Were undeniably two of the more original points and click games available to consumers, gaming has come a long way since then. Now we see a variety of adventure games to choose from. And yes, some of these have amazing female characters that keep our jaws open from the beginning to end.

What is a Protagonist?

When someone hears the term ‘protagonist’, they may not know exactly what the phrase is referring to. To put it simply, the protagonist is the leading character in most situations, although they can also be one of the top characters found in a video game (as well as movies, novels, and other fictional text).

Why is a Female Protagonist so Sought After?

Hearing that a new game on the market (or truly any point and click game for that matter) features a female protagonist, it can spark quite a uprear; and it’s almost always positive.

A video game that features a female protagonist is certainly not ‘common’, but in this day and age, producers are aiming to fix that problem. More and more female protagonist point and click games are becoming available on the market, and they’re downright awesome.

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Another reason why someone may seek out a female protagonist in a computer game is to encourage younger women. As a young lady sees a female conquering evil and being a leader, it is bound to encourage this type of confidence and strength. These are skills that should be consciously taught to the youth.

Top 10 Point and Click Games with Female Protagonists

1 Bayonetta

Bayonetta is undeniably one of the most popular games when it comes to point and click games with female protagonists. She’s a merciless witch that has the ability to shapeshift along with using magical attacks and summoning demons with her hair to combat her foes.

This empowering female protagonist has to fight her way through a fictional city in Europe known as Vigrid. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, the game will grade you throughout your mission based on your performance. It’s not telling if you will reach the end of this enticing video game or not.

2 Dex

One type of gameplay that many users enjoy is known as a ‘role-playing game’. In this type of situation, the player is roaming the area and will be given a multitude of quests from NPC players; and that’s exactly what you will find with Dex.

In Dex, you will be a female protagonist that has to complete a number of different missions throughout gameplay. Each quest has different possible solutions that will depend solely on what decisions you make while playing the character Dex. You have the ability to choose this woman’s fate, and it’s quite an exciting adventure.

3 Jade Empire

If you are an individual who enjoys things like martial arts and karate, then you will likely be fond of Jade Empire. In this exciting RPG game, you play the role of an aspiring martial artist that will either follow the path to success or failure.

Inside of this role-playing game, you will have the ability to make choices to either rule your empire or bring it to the ground. There are many different options and decisions to make during your realm, and plenty of fighting in the meantime.

4 Resident Evil Series

Since 1996, Resident Evil has been one of the most popular points and click games using male and female protagonists together. It’s a good blend of both male and female roles being utilized together to conquer all evils.

Perhaps the biggest magnet that draws consumers to love the Resident Evil games is the fact that you get to take on the challenge of killing zombies in every direction. This was certainly one of the first games to represent zombies- and it continues to be one of the most popular video games and movies across the nation.

The Resident Evil Series may differentiate between the different video games (and movies, for that matter) but when it comes down to the basics, you will typically have a male and female main character working together to kill zombies. While the zombies may have been a bit basic in 1976, they have certainly grown to become some phenomenal, nightmare-crafting creatures.

5 Tomb Raider

Action-adventure, puzzle, navigation through traps and hostility, and a multitude of creepy enemies: that is exactly what awaits you in Tomb Raider.

Whether you are watching the Tomb Raider or playing the point and click game Tomb Raider (any in the series), you’re bound to know the main character, Lara Croft. This crime-fighting adventurist takes the challenge of visiting ancient ruins, and there is no telling what she will find in the depths of history.

While these games are sure to bring a lot of different enemies and exciting adventures, perhaps the biggest reason why people enjoy this adventure game is discovering ancient history. It’s an enchanting game, and you will never know what’s hiding around the corner.

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Make sure you’re ready for those puzzles, too! If you aren’t on your A-game, you might be disappointed and saddened in your fate. Those puzzles are truly no joke!

6 Oni

If you’re looking for a game that allows for a female protagonist to conquer evil while also realizing her past and unmasking a giant power all her own, then you may like Oni.

Oni is an action-adventure game that is jam-packed with weapons and combat. Set in the year 2032, Konoko has to take down the Tech Crimes Task Force in an arena filled with a ton of enemies awaiting her.

Aside from the challenges of these enemies, Oni is also challenged with an internal struggle as her past begins to disturb her and the lines become blurry on who to trust or not. All of these struggles are designed to bring her down, but in the end, she will be able to conquer everything in her path.

7 Still Life

Still Life is probably one of the most artistic games to hit the computer gaming world, and along with its intense fighting scenes and awesome plot, it has certainly become one of the most popular points and click games with female protagonists.

In Still Life, the main character, who is a woman, is on the hunt for a serial killer. Along the way, she will come across plenty of dead bodies trying to take her down, a ton of circumstantial evidence she will need to bring to light, as well as a crazy boss that just won’t get off her back.

If that wasn’t enough, the killer also has a history that interlocks with the female’s past, bringing on a whole lot of other issues that may stand in her way. But hurry, the mission has to be completed before the serial killer strikes again!

If that’s not all, Stil Life has some of the most beautifully detailed environments you can find on a computer screen and a stunning set of cinematics you won’t find in many other games. This type of beauty and creation is definitely a plus for those playing the game.

8 Velvet Assassins

When it comes to Velvet Assassins, this point and click computer game is all about the intelligence agent Violette Summer who is working for the British government during World War II. Her job is to go through a variety of missions of sabotage while helping the allies overcome the enemy.

Violette Summer isn’t just going around trying to conquer the enemy and help the allies, though. This brave protagonist female is being hunted by the Nazis and is deemed one of the ‘most wanted’, making her entire mission entirely more challenging.

If you can bring this woman to victory, you will be able to conquer the Nazis and bring you and your allies to be the champions, taking down evil. It will take a multitude of challenges and missions, but staying true to your female protagonist Violette Summer (based off of real-life heroine Violette Szaba), will bring you to a rewarding ending.

9 Kotor 2

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you will find the Kotor 2 video game to be a big hit. In Kotor 2, you will have to lead a party of not only heroes but villains as well to save the entire galaxy. If that sounds like a big challenge, you shouldn’t have to fear: you have Meetra Surik as your female protagonist to guide you.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is bound to be an action-packed adventure that’s loaded to the top with plenty of missions, goals, and fighting. In this series, the Sith are on the verge of taking down the Old Republic once and for all. But you have the chance, as the lone Jedi Meetra Surik, to follow the light to success or ultimately fall to the darkness.

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10 Portal

Interested in puzzle games that require you to really use your brain cells before moving onto the next mission? Then you may want to join Chell in her amazing challenge to conquer all of the realms, piece by piece.

In Portal and Portal 2, you will have to undergo a series of tests that link you to separate challenges within the game. While these might not be ultimately brutal, the challenges will allow you to test your brain and bring you to the next challenge on the next level.

All of the tests found in this video game will have an artificial intelligence known as GLaDOS that will be controlling the entire game. He will create wormholes that will allow the player to cross between different games and puzzles. It’s quite an adventure!

Top 3 Point and Click Games with Female Protagonists Released in 2019

1 Indivisible

In the game ‘Indivisible’, the character Ajna is on a quest to discover where her mysterious powers come from. Along the long road, she will travel the entire world in search of her past, while gathering a multitude of unbelievable abilities as well as allies- and possibly some enemies along the way, too.

This video has a unique 2D art style that’s highly sought after in the world of 2019. It brings back a sort of nostalgia that is appreciated by this time frame. Players will also encounter a variety of heroes along their quest as Ajna.

2 Persona 5 Royal

If you aren’t familiar with Persona 5, then you might take much of a keen interest in Persona 5 Royal. But we will tell you this: if you know Persona 5, you want to see Persona 5 Royal. This video game (releasing in October 2019) will have a multitude of all new and expanded content that takes the original Persona 5 game to an all-new level, and of course, we love that the protagonist is a woman!

3 Gears 5

Ever heard of Gears of War? Of course, you have! This brutal, exciting, and action-packed video game brings to light the undying war between humans and the Locust-Horde (also including their mutated counterparts known as the Lambent and the Swarm). The shooter game is coming with an all-new game Gears 5.

Gears 5 will introduce a female protagonist as the main character, named Kait Diaz. This is ultimately exciting for any female gamers who loved all of the Gears of War games and wanted to see a female as the main character.

While all of the gruesome and brutal fights will still be available in the new Gears 5 game (coming September 2019), we can enjoy these exciting adventures using a female main character.

How the Future of Point and Click Gaming is Changing

It’s true that in this day and age, we are seeing more and more creativity being swarmed into computer games. This includes everything for more detail and gruesome fight scenes, to enticing visuals and 3D experiences that take us directly into the game.

If you’re looking for games with more female protagonists, we’re happy to state that the future holds plenty of new female main characters that are strong and powerful enough to take on any challenge. This new blend of males and females coming together to conquer the evils of the world (including the past, present, and future) are sure to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the children and teenagers of today.


There are a lot of incredible point and click games, or computer games, available to consumers. And while trying to pinpoint female protagonists may have been a challenge in past gaming, more and more female characters are taking the main spot in point and click games. They don’t slack on graphics, gore, or exciting plots- making it an ease for people of all genders and ages to enjoy these exciting point and click games.