Why is the Donkey Kong Amiibo so Expensive? [Revealed]

Nintendo boosted the popularity of physical toys during the digital age thanks to Amiibos, whereby physical toys could communicate with consoles. However, there are some Amiibos that are actually so expensive that it’s difficult to get your hands on them; one of these being the Donkey Kong Amiibo. So, why is Donkey Kong Amiibo so expensive?

The Donkey Kong Amiibo is so expensive due to the fact that it was a limited-time release that will probably never get another restock. As such, it comes with a limited supply in the market and will command a high price precisely due to how scarce and rare it is compared to other Amiibos.

One thing you need to know about different items regardless of what they are is that making something limited will instantly make it more expensive. This is exactly what happened with the Donkey Kong Amiibo as it instantly became a collector’s item due to its limited stock. As such, those who were able to buy a Donkey Kong Amiibo can command a good price for it knowing that a collector out there somewhere will more than likely pay that price.

Why is Donkey Kong Amiibo expensive?

Nintendo has done a lot of pretty crazy yet successful things over the past few decades. This included the motion controls that come with the Wii, which became a mega-hit and eventually the highest-selling home console Nintendo has ever released. And, of course, we’re also talking about the Amiibos.

In today’s modern world, kids are more likely to prefer the digital format when it comes to gaming as toys are slowly becoming obsolete. Nevertheless, Nintendo found a unique way to integrate toys with the digital world through Amiibos, which are basically toy figurines of Nintendo characters. An Amiibo is capable of communicating with consoles such as the Wii U, 3DS, and Switch to unlock different freebies on certain games. As such, this gives the Amiibo a value other than being simply a toy.

That said, there are plenty of different Amiibos on the market today as Nintendo has reported that nearly 40 million Amiibo figures have already been sold worldwide. And because of the popularity of Amiibos, there are Amiibo collectors out there who are dying to pay a good price for certain Amiibos. One such Amiibo that may be expensive enough to warrant the attention of collectors is Donkey Kong.

But why is the Donkey Kong Amiibo that expensive? Well, other than the fact that Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s oldest and most beloved characters, this Amiibo was given the limited release treatment by Nintendo.

There was a point in time when Nintendo actually announced that certain Amiibo characters will only be released for a limited time period. And once the stock of those Amiibo characters runs out, they will be superseded by new Amiibo character figurines and will never get another restock again. In that sense, there is a limited stock of these Amiibo characters.

The Donkey Kong Amiibo was one of the figures that actually received this limited-time release from Nintendo as there is only a limited number of these Amiibo figurines. As such, those who were able to get their hands on the Donkey Kong Amiibo were lucky enough to get an Amiibo that is limited and has become a collector’s item.

So, in that sense, the Donkey Kong Amiibo is so expensive precisely due to the fact that it has a limited number of stocks around the world and that only a few left are actually sealed and unused. That means that those who actually own the Amiibo can sell it for a price that is far above the regular price that it had when it was first released.

On top of how there are only a few units of Donkey Kong Amiibo figures left, those who own it also know well enough that there are plenty of people willing to pay a good price for this Amiibo. That’s because Donkey Kong is a beloved Nintendo character that has been around for almost as long as Nintendo has been making video games. Donkey Kong is also one of the most iconic Nintendo characters and is easily identifiable by adults and kids alike. 

As such, the nostalgia kicks in as those who grew up playing Donkey Kong would want to own the Amiibo so that they could have a piece of Donkey Kong with them. This is why they are willing to pay high prices for the limited supply of Donkey Kong Amiibos.

How much did a Donkey Kong Amiibo cost over time?

A Donkey Kong Amiibo started off at around $12.99 when it first came out sometime close to 2015. Over time, the price fluctuated until it exceeded the $50 mark. Today, you can get a Donkey Kong Amiibo for a price that is as low as $40 but that tends to be the minimum price, which is quite rare. Meanwhile, the most common price of a Donkey Kong Amiibo is somewhere over $100.

In fact, this Donkey Kong Amiibo on the Nintendo Store’s Amazon page sells at over $70 but there are those that can be purchased on Amazon for more than $100. That goes to show how loose the price can be depending on who the seller is and on the condition of the Donkey Kong Amiibo.

What are the most expensive Amiibos?

As expensive as Donkey Kong Amiibo might be, it is far from being the most expensive. It isn’t even in the topmost expensive Amiibos out there. That’s because there are Amiibos that are far more expensive due to how they are treated as very limited releases and how Nintendo intended them to become special to the point that only a few people own these Amiibos.

  1. Qbby – up to $400
  2. Mii Fighter 3-Pack – up to $250
  3. Mega Yarn Yoshi – up to $200
  4. Corrin Player-2 Edition – up to $140
  5. Poochy – up to $130

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