Can Cloak and Dagger Ever Touch in the Comics? The Weird Truth!

Ever since their debut in 1982, Cloak and Dagger have been attracting the attention of comic book fans around the world. These two mutants are quite peculiar, ever for mutant standards as set by the X-Men comics, and that is, probably, why people like them so much. Namely, Cloak and Dagger have never been one of Marvel’s mainstream heroes but despite that, they eventually received their own TV show and are – in a way – fan favorites. In today’s article, I am going to be discussing Cloak and Dagger, i.e., one of their specific powers. 

As far as the pure possibility goes, Cloak and Dagger can touch without any consequences. The problem is that Cloak is practically a living portal to the Darkforce Dimension and in that aspect, there is really little of him to actually touch, which is why these situations are quite rare, as Dagger rarely touches his face. 

In today’s article, I am going to talk about the possibility of Cloak and Dagger touching each other, as far as the comics are concerned. Namely, a lot of people wonder whether these two can touch in the comics – as they can in the TV show – and I am going to answer this question for you, as well as telling you what would happen if they actually touched. Enjoy!

What are Cloak’s and Dagger’s powers?

Tyrone “Ty” Johnson, who goes by the alter ego Cloak, can teleport through the portals of his link with the Darkforce Dimension and can control the forces of that dark dimension that come out of his cloak to create an offensive or even defensive halos for the enemy attacks. 

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He can also levitate and absorb the powers of other characters, but he also has an insatiable hunger for light that he had to learn how to control as the years passed by. Before his transformation into Cloak, he showed himself to be a great basketball player. 

Tandy Bowen, also known as Dagger, can use her Lightforce powers to create light daggers which she can throw at her enemies. Her daggers automatically appear under certain conditions, for example, if someone else is in direct danger. The maximum regeneration time interval is unknown, but it is certain that if she throws the daggers too often, they can shorten their range. 

Tandy has limited strength to control her flight and make the daggers hit targets. Those who are hit by these daggers usually experience different psychological issues. Dagger can then drain the mind of his enemies; she can, in fact, drain their brains so much that if she wants to, she can kill her opponents. 

Usually, though, she chooses to leave them in a state of shock, so they have a vision of how their life could be different. The experience is powerful enough to make most people rethink their choices, although a hardened criminal is unlikely to change their habits. 

Can Cloak and Dagger touch in the comics?

If you’ve ever read any Cloak and Dagger comic book story, you know why this question is both relevant and important. Namely, while Cloak and Dagger do actually function as a perfect duo with their powers complementing each other, their powers are actually polar opposites and there is a danger that they might cancel each other out, but more on that in the next section. 

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What is important here is that we answer whether Cloak and Dagger even can touch each other and if they are physically possible of doing it, are they allowed to do so. 

Credit Marvel Comics

As for the mere physical possibility of them touching, the problem arises when we take into account the fact that Cloak is a living portal. As Cloak, Tyrone Johnson has no physical body and is the embodiment of the Darkforce, a portal to which is located underneath his portal. He has no body, although he is able to manifest one if he wishes to. This makes it exceptionally difficult for someone to touch. 

The only part of his body that actually “exists” is his face, but you won’t actually go for his face, especially since he’s very large and difficult to hit. So, physically – Cloak can be touched, but it is exceptionally difficult to do it. Now, let us see the other question. 

Dagger can touch Cloak, we’ve established that much. But is she allowed to do it? Reading their stories and observing their interactions has shown us that there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Dagger is not allowed to touch Cloak. 

Despite being polar opposites, their powers don’t cancel each other out in a dangerous way. In fact, some stories have shown us that they have healing properties, i.e., that they can use each other’s powers to help each other when in need. Since they need to come into contact for this to happen, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to touch. 

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To confirm this, I can mention several instances in the comic book where Dagger actually toucher Cloak’s face directly and even more instances when they came into direct contact and both of them survived. This brings us to the final section of this article. 

What will happen if Cloak and Dagger touch each other?

Now that we have established all the necessary facts, we can bring this article to a close and give one final answer that will fully explain the situation between these two mutants. 

It has been established, in the previous section, that Cloak and Dagger are able to touch each other and that there is nothing that would forbid them to do so. So, what would happen if they do? 

Well, and this might come as a shock to you, the answer is – nothing. They can heal each other, Cloak can feed on Dagger’s light, but nothing special happens when the two of them actually touch, as has been proven in the comic books on multiple occasions.