9 Best Lady Loki Comics

Alternative versions of main comic books aren’t all that strange. Sometimes, comic book authors decide to let other, pre-existing characters take on the role of another pre-existing character, while, at other times, a completely new character is created to fill a certain role. In Loki’s case, the main character was envisioned as a female version of the main God of Tricks, known as Lady Loki. In today’s article, I am going to bring you a list of the best comic books involving Lady Loki. 

Who is Lady Loki?

After Ragnarök, Loki returned in a female body working with Doctor Doom to have Thor unconsciously resurrect his Asgardian enemies, and manipulate Balder to become the new successor to the Asgard throne. 

In reality, Loki retained his male form after Ragnarok, but he hid within Thor’s reborn lover, Sif. During this period, Hela and Loki used magic to send Loki back in time to cause the events that led to his younger self being adopted by Odin as a means of eliminating Bor, Thor’s grandfather. 

During the Secret Invasion, Loki incited the Asgardians to believe that Beta Ray Bill was a Skrull, but Thor proved that Loki was lying. After the Skrulls were defeated, she joined the Cabal, consisting of herself, Norman Osborn, Emma Frost, Doctor Doom, Namor and the Hood, so that Osborn could launch his new world order, promising Loki that he could restore Asgard back to the heavens where it belonged. 

Loki and Sif are soon restored to their respective bodies and thanks to Hood’s power, and Loki offers him a second chance. 

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Later, during the Mighty Avengers storyline, the Scarlet Witch appeared in her astral form, recruiting a team of Avengers to take on the Elder God Chthon. It was soon revealed that Wanda was Loki in disguise. 

The Avengers, ignorant of Loki’s trick, followed “Wanda’s” false instructions. Their aim was to throw Norman Osborn off balance, as demonstrated during the second Cabala meeting. After Thor was banished because of his tricks, Loki attempted to put “cracks in Osborn’s armor” and gradually “widen” these cracks via the Mighty Avengers. 

Pietro Maximoff, eager to see and converse with his sister, joined the Mighty Avengers. He ran around the world looking for her, not knowing that his nephews Billy and Tommy had just done it without being able to find her either. However, Loki had planned the death of Pietro and Cassandra Lang, fearing that they could be wedges in his plans. 

She cut the communications of the first and tried to convince Hank Pym to expel Cassie after casting a spell on her to prevent her from saying something bad about her disguise. The latter, however, invited her fellow Young Avengers to the Infinite Avengers Mansion (an extension of the PymPocket), to prove that the Scarlet Witch was evil. 

When Wiccan cast a spell to bring Scarlet Witch to them, Loki appeared as Scarlet Witch and declared that Cassandra Lang sealed her fate. At that moment, Ronin appeared and ambushed the “Scarlet Witch”. He determined that she was not Wanda by kissing her and saying that the real Scarlet Witch would have used her power to revive Cassandra’s father. 

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Wiccan then chanted a spell to reveal her true form. Fearful of being exposed, Loki was forced to stop, waving that he would kill everyone. The Mighty Avengers’ continued achievements forced Osborn to the breaking point. 

Loki decided to play the final card that would break Osborn by unleashing the Absorbing Man, who had absorbed the power of the Cosmic Cube. In The Dark Avengers, Loki, in his female form, was in Norman Osborn’s office and manipulated him into becoming the Green Goblin once more, as the Siege begins. 

Credit Marvel Comics

9 Best Lady Loki Comics

In this section, I am going to bring you a list of the most important issues involving Lady Loki, including the basic publication data and a short synopsis for each issue. Here we go:

  • Thor (Volume 3) #5 (January 2008): “Thor has searched far and wide for his Asgardian brethren, seeking each of them out across the length and breadth of these United States…but he was never prepared for what he finds next! But alas, where there is Thor, there must also be…” (Source)
  • Thor (Volume 3) #9 (June 2008): “Now that Asgard has been established and firmly situated over Broxton, Thor and the Asgardians must turn their attention toward Midgard. How will the Thunder God re-integrate with a world he has long been gone from?” (Source)
  • Thor (Volume 3) #12 (January 2009): “Loki’s cunning ways have begun to unravel the newly established Asgardian order. Balder has been seated as the prince of Asgard and Loki’s whispers have caused doubt among the Asgardians, doubt in the mighty Thor’s leadership!” (Source)
  • Thor (Volume 3) #600 (March 2009): “The mighty God of Thunder hits a major milestone! THOR goes back to its classic numbering for this issue 600 mega-event, and even Stan “The Man” Lee joins the party with an all-new story!” (Source)
  • Secret Invasion: Thor #1 (September 2008): “The Skrulls are coming for Asgard and the citizens of small-town Broxton, Oklahoma! The God of Thunder must defend two cities at once! For a job this big, Thor will have to turn to one of his oldest and closest allies…Beta Ray Bill!” (Source)
  • Secret Invasion #8 (January 2009): “With one shot, Norman Osborn changed everything. By effectively ending the Skrull invasion, the sometimes-Green Goblin ushered in the Dark Reign, an era that may prove to be even worse than what the Skrulls had planned.” (Source)
  • Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1 (January 2009): “A secret meeting is called in a sub-basement of Avengers Tower. The attendants: Dr. Doom, Loki, The Hood, Namor, Norman Osborn, and Emma Frost. What are they up to?” (Source)
  • Thor (Volume 3) #602 (July 2009): “The cataclysmic, catastrophic events of THOR #600 have rocked Asgard. What will Thor’s friends and brothers do to help him? And what could possibly be the next step in the devious Loki’s sinister schemes and machinations?” (Source)
  • Dark Avengers #12 (January 2010): “The Dark Avengers are at the mercy of the Molecule Man. And no joke…someone dies. For real!” (Source)